Here at Adams Paint & Supply, we pride ourselves in maintaining an inventory to meet our customer's needs and surpass their expectations in being able to locate special requests as soon as humanly possible at lowest price available.


      Below are just a few of the brands we are currently carrying.



Martin Senour Automotive Finishes Martin Senour
  • 36+ In-House Custom mixed Premium and Value line Basecoat and Single Stage MARTIN SENOUR Paints Including: PRISM, PRO/BASE, Cross/FIRE , PCC, Planet Color, and VORTEX
  • Abrasives-Grinding Discs, Sand Paper, Scuff Pads, Scuffing Gel, and Sanding blocks
  • Acid etches
  • Body fillers and glazing putties
  • Clearcoats-Awesome Variety of Premium Clearcoats from 15min No Bake to a Full Bake
  • Custom Mix Spray Cans Filled
  • File Boards
  • Masking- Slime liquid, Paper and plastic sheeting
  • Mixing Cups
  • Moulding removal tools
  • Paint Removers
  • Paint Suits and Buffing Aprons
  • Planet Color Barrett Jackson Collection factory packaged basecoats and midcoats
  • Primers- Direct-to-Metal Urethanes, Epoxy, Surfacers, Sealers and Adhesion Promoters
  • Sealers
  • Solvents-Acetone, Lacquer Thinner, Surface Cleaners
  • Spray cans of paint & detailing products
  • Stone guard coatings
  • Windshield installation products
ACME Finish 1 ACME Finish 1


  • Primer    Direct-To-Metal, Etching, Surfacer, Sealer
  • Factory Packaged Acrylic Enamel in Quarts & Gallons
  • Clearcoats
  • Body Tools- Filler Shaper Files, Dent Pullers, Dollies
  • Body Fillers, Glazes, & Flexible Bumper Repair Kits
3M Automotive Products 3M AUTOMOTIVE PRODUCTS
  • Abrasives- Scotch-Brite Pads, PSA Discs & File Sheets, Hookit Discs & File Sheets, Grinding Discs,  Cut-Off Wheels, Surface Conditioning Discs, Bristle Discs, and Trizact Foam Discs
  • Accuspray Spray Guns
  • Aerosols- Woodgrain and Stripe remover, Adhesive Remover, Trim Adhesive, Undercoating and Rocker Panel Coating
  • Automix and Duramix products
  • Buffing Pads- Compounding and Polishing Pads
  • Buffing Coumpounds and Glazes
  • Dry Guide Coat
  • Emblem and Weatherstrip Adhesive
  • Flexible Parts Repair Kit
  • Headlight Restoration Kits
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Paint protection Film
  • Plastic Sheeting
  • PPS Cups
  • Respirators
  • Scratch Removal Kits
  • Seam Sealers
  • Sound Deadening Pads
  • Strip Calk
  • Stripe-Off Wheels
  • Tapes- Attachment, Masking, Fine Line, Smooth Transition, Soft Edge Foam
  • Vinyl application tools and supplies
  • Welding and Spark Deflection Paper
  • Windshield installation products

NAPA Service Tools (formerly New Britain)

  • Multiple body shop tools including curved tooth file holders
NAPA Welding Supplies

NAPA Welding

  • Grinding wheels 
  • Cut-off wheels
  • Wire brushes


  • Fillers- RAGE, RAGE GOLD, RAGE XTREME, LITE WEIGHT, Z-Grip, Metal-2-Metal, Everglass and Evergold
  • Putties- Metal Glaze, Glaze Coat, Metal Glaze Ultra, and Evergold
  • Primers- Feather Fill G2 & 4:1
  • Maxim adhesives
  • Lubri-Shine
  • Dirt Pic


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